My desire to hibernate is strong and we haven't even hit the middle of winter yet. Like many, I have a mounting list of things I want to get finished and wrapped up before January 1. These two things seemingly are at odds with each other and yet I have decided on essential things that need to move off of my to-do list. 

 As I continue to write little love notes, it is essential to know that I am a super fan of lists and tend to make them every chance I get. More than making the list I love crossing things off of the list more.  So as I write my latest to-do list, wish me luck. 

10 things I want to cross off the list before Jan 1:

  1.  Finish the final 20 pages in my sketchbook
  2. Make all of the cookies that are of my kids have asked for
  3. Walk the dogs enough times that my habit of walking daily begins to go take hold again. 
  4. Purge my house of clothes that fit no one.
  5. Get my 2023 Wall Calendar ordered and installed
  6. Decide on what my major projects for 2023 will be
  7. Make a shop holiday Spotify playlist
  8. Refresh the Jan/Feb creative companion Spotify playlist 
  9. Clean my house
  10. Cross off a few movies on my annual Christmas movie essential watch list. 



p.s what are your 2023 must-dos?