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I've embraced for years that happiness and gratitude were a lifestyle but until the fall of 2016, I hadn't hit a point that I had fully digested how true that was.  A few life and world events later and I wasn't the same person.

In the winter of 2016 More ART | More Heart was hatched while I was sitting in my studio feeling stuck, knowing that personal action was essential.  I took on the idea that you get out of this world what you put into it.  

With that ethos in mind, I decided that my work and my purpose was to put happiness in to the world one little nugget at a time the way that was most authentic - through creating and community.

More ART | More Heart evolved from placing anonymous art cards around cities to becoming a collection designed and illustrated by me, with the purpose of helping the people make happy happen in their lives and feel empowered to give a little happiness to each other.  

Spread joy, make your own happy, and unapologetically express gratitude.

We are the village.



Owner/Illustrator/ Designer

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